Gold Dust For Sale

Gold Dust For Sale

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        Buy gold dust

Gold dust refers to fine particles of gold produced by machining or occurring naturally.

Cameroon: The Gold Belt of West Africa

     Extraction Of Gold dust

Much of the gold extraction is conducted in artisanal mines. Families and villages jointly work together. Child labor is common, and numerous organizations have reported cases of parents taking their children out of school in order to support the family.

Many of the informal mines are run by middle-men buying off the minerals (gold and diamonds) at low prices. But money issues are pressing and leave little room and/ or power for negotiation. Buy gold dust

         Where to buy gold dust

China is Cameroon’s biggest foreign investor and trading partner, operating a wide range of infrastructure projects, from constructing roads to building football stadiums. In January 2019, one of China’s top diplomats, Yang Jiechi, visited the Central African nation.

Yet, in eastern Cameroon, the visit prompted protests, as miners picketed outside a Chinese-run gold mining project in the village of Ngoura, blocking access. China also buys gold dust from Cameroon. As a trading partner, it is easier to deal directly and so can you.


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